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Lion Lands: A Never-Ending Adventure

This Easter ZSL London Zoo is opening its biggest and most breathtaking experience yet: Land of the Lions. The new exhibit will invite visitors to get closer than ever before to majestic Asiatic lions as they roam just metres away. Transporting visitors from the heart of London to the vibrant setting of Sasan Gir, the exhibit will immerse them in the sounds, sights and native wildlife of India, while highlighting the importance of conserving these beautiful and endangered lions, found exclusively in the Gir Forest region in the Indian state of Gujarat.

There are approximately only 500 Asiatic lions left in the wild. Protected by law, the lions play an important role in the local community which deeply values their presence. But, due to their limited range, the big cats are vulnerable to threats including disease, disaster, poaching and the problems of a growing population. ZSL is working with the Wildlife Insitute of India and Gujarat Forest Department to safeguard Asiatic lions by training veterinary teams and working with forest rangers to establish effective patrolling systems in the area.

Asiatic Lion
Asiatic Lion

Land of the Lions will also support a global breeding effort, helping to secure the future of the species by working with zoos all over the world to ensure the continuing existence of a healthy population. For those who want to experience a taste of conservation in action, Land of the Lions will see visitors become part of an interactive adventure as they help ZSL’s forest rangers deal with a ‘lion-emergency’ in the Gir Forest, and lend a hand to the veterinary team who come to the rescue. With 2,500sqm of awe-inspiring space, including an overhead walkway, re-creations of Sasan Gir train station, a crumbling temple, Indian high street and so much more, Land of the Lions will inform, inspire and excite wildlife lovers of all ages and promises to be an experience unlike any other – the must-visit attraction of 2016!

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