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This Is Why Animal Breeding Programs Are So Important

Paradise Wildlife Park is very proud the leading zoo in Europe for animal experiences. We have pioneered this aspect of wild animal management and in the process have raised over £2.5 million for conservation projects around the world, as well as provide funds for our breeding and education programmes on site. Our latest success story is our African penguins, who have bred five penguin chicks since November 2015. Claire, who has worked at Paradise for the past 18 years, went to Africa in December to volunteer for the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and while there helped release over 200 African penguins back into the wild. She then rounded off her visit by presenting this incredible organisation with a donation from Paradise.

Paradise Wildlife Park is Europe’s leading zoo for Wild Animal Experiences
Paradise Wildlife Park is Europe’s leading zoo for Wild Animal Experiences

Since the penguin births we are aiming to have a new exhibit built for these beautiful birds by the summer in order to continue the amazing breeding success so far. The Park is an active member of the British, European and World Association of Zoos and, aside from its work with penguins, Paradise is the first zoo in Europe to receive a double Platinum Award for funds that it raised for the EAZA Tiger Conservation Initiative. The Park is also a Platinum Award winner for the funds that it raised on behalf of the Lemur and Madagascan EAZA appeal. Paradise is proud to support the Friends of Paradise Wildlife Park and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

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