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10 Signs Your Cat Really Does Love You


Our cats are prrrrecious, but sometimes their behavior and lack of affection can make us feel unappreciated by them. However, that might not be the case. We know felines are complex creatures.

But sometimes if they don’t show us their love it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care for us deeply.

Like humans, they have their own way of showing appreciation and here are some signs you should pay attention to because they might be more than it meets the eye:

1. They follow everywhere or come in the same room as you

2. If they give you slow blinks it basically means a ”kitty kiss”

3. If they playfully bite you, without being too aggressive

4. They will show you their tummy as a sign of trust or if they want to play

5. Rubbing their head against you 

6. If they brings you dead creatures into the house that’s a gift to show you her love

7. If they push their paws against you and their claws come out 

8. When they sit and purr on you

9. Naps with you

10. Their tail is up high when they see you, meaning they are happy


Final Word

Spending time with your precious pet is always a good idea. They can lighten up your day and make you feel more relaxed after a tough day.

Despite that, we know sometimes your feline can turn out to be in a mood itself and make your day even more difficult.

But don’t rush to make any conclusions, some of the signs may be interpreted wrong.

Tell us down below in the comments what you think and which of these signs you’ve noticed your cat is showing.

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