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Not all ants build nests and collect leaves -the Rasberry crazy ant likes nothing more than to swarm inside electronic matter: computers, fuse boxes and even entire power stations act as a breeding ground for the three-millimetre ants’ offspring. “Perhaps because it’s warm, perhaps because they can easily defend the small spaces,” suspects Texan entomologist Roger Gold.


The ants nibble through insulation which can short-circuit electronics. If an ant is electrocuted, its body releases an alarm pheromone to communicate that they are in distress. The rest of the colony are then put into attack mode, leading to a rampage that often destroys entire electrical systems. One chemical plant saw the control system of its pipeline valves fail twice. The insects cause up to $145 million of damage per year.

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  1. Vickie Rubinson

    This controversial squirrel reminds me of my last Saudi boyfriend. He’s probably a member of ISIS by now.

    1. Ms. Rubinson,
      You don’t want to be telling too many people about that, you never know how some individuals might react to it. Just saying….

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