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1. Ruppy  

Ruppy is a dog created by a Korean scientist. He was actually cloned with the help of a viral transfection of fibroblasts cells with some sort of protein which make him glow in the dark!

That’s a pretty cool dog, am I right?

2. A chicken with no feathers?!

Since the majority of the world’s population are eating chicken and since it’s very hard work to remove their feathers, a group of scientist thought it would be a good idea to mix up DNAs and create a chicken with NO FEATHERS!

It sounds pretty weird, I know, but they discovered some interesting features as well such as the fact that: it has fewer calories, has more proteins, and parasites are less likely to invade their bodies. Finger licking good, right?

3. Dolly…the sheep

Dolly was the first cloned creature which reached adulthood. This sparked many controversies, but a lot of jokes as well regarding the fact that they cloned a creature that always look the same with others of its kind.

4. The Vacanti mouse

The Vacanti mouse was a rodent, who in 1995, had a grown ear on its back, all thanks to the scientist Dr. Charles Vacanti. Vacanti wanted to prove that you can transplant human cartilage onto the human body.

He experimented it first on a mouse.

5. A zombie dog? Really?

Yes, you read that right. The first experiment was conducted in the 1940s in the Soviet Union when a group of scientist thought it would be a good idea to play God with a dog.

They beheaded the dog and then put it on life support, while they also added blood transfusion and oxygen to the brain. The dog came back to life and even attempted to lick his own nose.

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