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6. A transparent frog?!?!

Scientists decided that instead of performing the basic disection on a frog and cut it open, they would genetically make the frog see-through. That way you can see its organs without actually killing it.

7. Enviropigs

In case you didn’t know pigs are highly intelligent creatures. And it also happens that they contribute to pollution because of the large quantities of phosphorus they excreet.

And so some scientists genetically changed them so that the they can reduce the amount they let out.

Fun fact: With this there’s also a theory that they are trying to create an army of pigs that it will take over the world! (Yes some people are just that ”special”).

8. Spider silk goat

This refers to a goat who has the DNA of a spider, but the difference isn’t in its body, appearance or behavior, the difference is in the milk, which is rich in spider silk and if separated it can produce a good quantity of spider silk.

9. A mosquito that… heals?

This mosquito was created with the purpose of helping fight disease. Scientists would release it, infect other mosquitos and in just a few years they would eliminate the whole population.

This would be a significant step forward in the battle against malaria, one of the deadliest diseases there is.

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