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Cardinals prefer habitats in open woodlands, shrubbery, forest edges and build their nests in dense, tangled vines and shrubs. They can also be observed in parks and backyards.

The diet of the cardinal is mainly seeds. They sit in low shrubs and trees and forage for seeds on the ground, usually in pairs.

Cardinals can be recognised by their loud chirping which is produced by both male and female cardinals, unusual for northern songbirds. Cardinals are non-migrating birds who do not molt or change colour during the winter. Therefore, they are still a spectacular sight to observe in your snow covered backyards.

Young cardinals are similar in appearance to adult cardinals but are brown in colour. Young males with develop their red colouring during growth and young females will remain with their brown colouring. Young cardinals are raised in bulky nests made of twigs and bark and lined with grass.

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