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10 Animals We Can Sadly Say Goodbye To

Philippine Crocodile

This beautiful crocodile species can be observed in the sweet waters of the lakes and rivers in the Philippines. Although it is protected by law, the Philippine Crocodile had been hunted for years illegally.

While in 1992 there were 1,000 crocodiles, only 3 years later researchers found less than 100. Today, their number is below 80.

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36 thoughts on “10 Animals We Can Sadly Say Goodbye To”

  1. valerie a Eggers

    This is very sad. We may only see this creatures in pictures and videos. There’s only one thing sadder and that is the deliberate diminishment of numbers of human beings.

    1. Not only that, but the biggest predatorial species, which is the unkind Sapiens, continues to thrive and multiply, because even you all who talk about what happens to many of the other animals, at the hands of the most irrational and often savage Sapiens, forget to include yourselves as the animal species that you are and we all are. Why?

  2. This is just so inexcusable for man not to make more of an effort, a complete effort to restore species that are on the verge of extinction. This is due to nothing else but man’s overwhelming selfish desire to build a perfect world. God made the perfect world. It’s us that’s ruining it. From natural habitat to air and water quality. Even space surrounding the earth has been trashed. Now man is looking for ways to inhabit other life-sustaining planets. With all the troubles and damage we want to just leave behind, it should be mandatory to restore the earth back to its natural state before running off to ruin another one. It’s a sad day when you look around and see everything that was once beautiful turn to the biggest blemish in the universe. We should feel ashamed. Not for us but every species we are taking away their right to exist. Who has a solution? I’ll I can do is ask for forgiveness. I do have a plan that would be a big jumpstart and with a huge impact towards recovery. However, nobody listened. From the Whitehouse to the governmental departments responsible for the matters at hand.

    1. I would really love to hear your solution. I’m sick of reading “oh how sad” from everybody. If you have a plan let’s hear it & then enforce it if it works. I’m tired of hearing how animals are near extinction & no one is doing anything about it. We have only ! planet with only the species on the planet that are still here. We need to act not talk!!!!

  3. This is so cruel and I cannot believe that they are killing these animals and for what. To show what they can do with a gun or to say look what I’ve killed. Well to me this is disgusting and they don’t deserve to be hunted down. How cruel and so abusive.

  4. This is awful to kill an animal for there horn. Good grief isn’t there something else to do other than that. How cruel and vindictive is this. Is it the trophy that makes you feel like a hero. I think its abuse and so cruel. Animals do not belong to us. Keep these animals alive or send them to a sanctuary where they can live and do what they do.

  5. Man is more selfish and self centered than any living creature on earth. There should be universal laws to protect all creatures, especially those that are close to extinction. Hopefully, more zoos and preserves will step up to the plight of these beautiful animals and marine life.

  6. Why hasn’t anything been done before now to save these endangered species. I’m so sick of hearing about a species near extinction, Where are the people banding together to prevent this from happening. I want to know what I can do to help stop this from happening not that it’s too late.

    1. Adrianne Graupp

      They r standing right behind the biggest ass of them all Trump! He is the one that makes the statement they r free to hunt these animals down.

  7. In the end Humans will be the only animals left on this planet and it won’t be a happy ending!!

  8. Drastic changes are needed. Thankfully the Creator of these beautiful and astounding creatures will soon intervene into mankind’s failed efforts to rule themselves while destroying our only home and all the beauty in it !!! Humans started out in a paradise loving and caring for the animals. It’s part of His purpose for mankind that it happen. It will happen soon! Why can we be sure?
    Isa 55:11 tells us why.

    1. This man has been a Murderer Liar and Theif since he been on this Earth
      He should have never been a Ruler because he’s a BEAST.

  9. Only & until we humans learn to share the planet without selfish greed, the only way Nature can survive-is by man’s demise. Humans need to go.

  10. Age of Anthropocene (humanity) we can be a very cruel,greedy harsh species that cares only about one thing and that is net worth at any expense. Or we could be a loving, caring species that respect all living organisms on this beautiful fragile planet ?. Nature works best when left alone and there is no interference from man!!

  11. About 95% of all species that ever existed are now extinct it is not uncommon for a species to go extinct happens all the time always did always will they’re just trying to tug at your Heartstrings, for what reason? get you to join clubs? Pay money? get you to ….”Resist”?….. get you to feel that you deeply need government in your life.

  12. The Siberian Tiger is the saddest of them all. Breaks my heart. Our lovely oranged faced/headed imbecile of a President can partly be blamed while his sons are off shooting Tigers etc……..and he signed to banish the bill that protects endangered species.

  13. When I lived in Simi Valley, I spotted a California Condor sitting on top of a telephone pole while I was out walking my dog.California Condors can be found in California as well as the Grand Canyon.It was the biggest bird I’ve ever seen in the wild.

  14. Humans I really think they are disgusting and responsible for these horrible travesties. And the biggest jerk is our oh so wonderful Trump. Can not call him president and never will. Idiot has rolled back so many protective laws for animals. We are loosing more and more beautiful species. We have to stop this crazy person before it’s too late. PLEASE!!!!

  15. They are God’s creations meant to be on our planet. When they are gone, they are gone forever. We are also God’s creations.

  16. Support your zoos as they are really working to conserve the species and are also releasing some species born in zoos back to their native areas.

  17. Sadly it must be in our nature to hunt. Someday we will be hunted and killed off. Until then I don’t think things will change much.

  18. Regarding the Sumatran Orangutan, please get your facts right!
    The Island of Sumatra is now over 80% oil palm, which has wiped
    out most the wildlife on the island!!!!! In fact, if any Orangutans
    trespass into the oil palm plantation, they are killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Turn to Jesus!! He is the only one who can save the world! Aside of him, no man or woman can nor will. So stop blaming others when you yourself does nothing

  20. It is written,
    “That man will destroy himself”…
    This is “our” destiny without the help of a HIGHER power…
    Humans on this planet will never change enough to make the difference our planet needs so desperately……

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