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18 Crazy Animal Facts That Are Both Creepy And Funny

A man once found this thing in the water which we probbaly agree that it’s beyond weird. And yes, it actually does exist!


This fish is called salp and they are found in every ocean on the planet. Why do we rarely see them?
Well, apart from the fact that they’re basically invisible, they’re also very small and they travel at depth in very large groups, like this one:


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2 thoughts on “18 Crazy Animal Facts That Are Both Creepy And Funny”

  1. ROBINA Marie Benell

    I loved the info. On the otters. Thank god that there are people that are wathching for the possible extinction of
    ANYTHING. I had no idea. It does give me some hope for our world, what can I do to help? I do not have money, but I do have time. Is there anything I can do?

    Best wishes,


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