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This Is The Least Popular Cat In The World – And It Rocks

From lions and tigers to our small kittens at home, felines are praised and loved by the whole world (and especially the Internet). Of course, not every feline out there can be as popular as Grumpy Cat, but what about this one right here?

This strangely looking creature is the Flat-headed cat, the least popular feline species of them all – but don’t make judgements based on its title! Unlike other distant relatives, this one loves to swim, hunts mostly at night and it’s one of the best hide-and-seek players out there. These mysterious cats live in the wildest areas of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and even though they may seem big, an adult usually weights no more than 5 pounds.

Their strange physical aspect is unique among the world’s feline species. The big eyes come in very handy in observing the pray, mostly because the Flat-headed cat is a nocturnal animal. And, as the name suggests, the flat head helps this interesting cat dive into the water and swim much faster. *if only domestic cats loved taking a bath so much*


Right now, only 2 Flat-headed cats are being held in captivity worldwide. Getting to know these mysterious creatures is quite challenging because they hide very well, but also because of their number. Unfortunately, there are approximately 2,500 Flat-headed cats left all over the globe. As research has shown, for the past few decades over 70% of their ideal habitat has been turned into plantations. However, considering their survival skills and hunting abilities, we’re likely to discover more soon!

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