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Why Are Some Animals Nocturnal?

Did you know that tarantulas are nocturnal creatures? They, along with animals such as owls, felines, owls, hamsters and wolves belong to the night.. but why? We already know that each species is different from one another, but what made some of them feel safer in the dark than during daylight? The answer is simple: survival.

We already know that some of the oldest animal species in the world still exist today because of one simple rule: survival of the fittest.


Let’s take, for instance, the prey (hamsters, fireflies). Small animals have less mechanisms of defense from their bigger enemies, so the best they can do is hide very well. Even though there still are some nocturnal predators out there, small creatures have much bigger chances of survival at night. Naturally, certain predators became nocturnal because their prey has. Owls, for instance, hunt mice, which happen to be nocturnal, so these predators improved their skills to hunt their prey down as it searches for food through the night.

But it’s not just about catching prey. It’s also about competition. Some animals ended up being nocturnal because there are much more enemies to fight with during the day. Whether it’s prey or territory, survival at night is just easier.


Research has also showed, though, that some animals became nocturnal because of global warming. The continually rising temperatures in some areas prevent animals from eating and hunting, so they adapted to this change by becoming nocturnal.

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