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This New Tech Can Show Your Pet’s Emotional State – Is It Safe?

Right now, we all know that technology can offer us data regarding pretty much everything: our heart rate, health level, weight and even emotional state. So why not apply the same principle on pets? Now, information like your pet’s daily ritual, favorite activities, health level and happiness is available – but is that really such a good thing?


When the insurance company RSA made a massive investment, all eyes turned on the PitPatPet business. The goal of this company is to create a product call PitPat, which allows owners to track their pets using a wearable activity monitor. You can look at it like some sort of a smart watch for runners: the pets wear the device all the time and you get to know their food intake as well as activity levels.


PitPat founder Andrew Nowell says that ‘our premise is basically to help owners keep their pets healthy and active in a fun way that also helps other companies, like insurers, lower their costs.’ While we’re not sure about the real interest of these companies (are they doing for the pups or to lower others’ cost?), this is definitely an interesting idea!

Right now, other companies involved in animal tech are working on a device that could read your pet’s brain waves and translate them to human words, while reading their emotions too.


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