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German Shorthaired Pointer

With a keen sense of smell and above-average intelligence, German shorthaired pointers make for great hunting companions. They’ll trail, receive, and point various types of birds and woodland critters. Like many dogs originally bred for hunting, they require a lot of exercise, but their loyal and gentle nature makes them the perfect family pet.


Saint Bernard

This breed is known for its large size, muscular frame, and powerful body. Saint Bernards were bred to locate victims lost in snowstorms or avalanches, but they’re also gentle, loving family members. These dogs come with quantities of slobbering, but if you can get past the sloppy kisses, this breed will be one of the friendliest pets you can find.



Vizslas are another hunting breed and are usually one of the smaller types you’ll find. In fact, depending on the genetics, vizslas can qualify as medium or large dogs. In addition to their hunting skills, they are a quiet but energetic breed, making them perfect for an owner that doesn’t want to deal with a lot of barking.



This breed loves to swim and sports a long, thick coat that can protect them from icy waters. Weighing in at an average of 120 pounds, these dogs require lots of space. They might look like a lazy dog, but they require plenty of exercise and lots of love from their owners.


Siberian Husky

The icon of sled dog racing, this breed is known for its hard work ethic and amazing endurance. But don’t let their rigid exterior fool you; huskies can be excellent therapy dogs as well. They require lots of exercise and plenty of room to run and play.

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