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Determine if your pet can travel – Some animals do not do well with traveling. If your pet becomes easily afraid of new people, places, other animals or new experiences, it’s probably best to leave them at home.

If you’re going to be gone for a long time, find a friend or family member your pet has met before to watch him while you’re away. Not only is dragging a terrified animal through an airport or into a hotel unfair to your pet, it could also be dangerous for other people if he gets aggressive in an unfamiliar situation.

Make sure your pet is healthy – Before you leave, make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel and be away from home for an extended period of time. Get him up to date on any shots he may need, and have the vet to a routine physical.

You don’t want to bring fleas into a hotel or have your dog get sick while you’re on vacation. Additionally, you may need to have papers certifying that your pet is healthy and has all vaccinations to take him on a plane or train or to stay in a pet-friendly hotel.

Pack a pet bag – Just like you need your necessities while you’re away, your pet needs things, too. Bring an appropriately sized travel crate for transportation. Make sure you bring food and water bowls, a supply of his regular food and treats, toys, a bed and any medications he takes or might need.

Check all restrictions and requirements – If you’re taking your pet out of the country, you’ll probably need health certificates and maybe some other paperwork for your pet to be allowed into the country. Some countries may even require animals to be quarantined before entering, so check all restrictions before making travel arrangements.

Some states may even have their own rules and regulations. You should also check with any airlines, rental car services, trains and hotels to confirm pet policies so you know for sure your pet is allowed.

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