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Top 25 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Near You

Due to the incidence rate that was these past years, we’ve created a top list of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, to put you in alert. You also should know that many of these breeds developed aggressive behavior, because of the improper training. So, if your dog is on this list, you should take some cautions.

Check out the most aggressive dog breeds and read the information, because we are all surrounded by dogs!

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56 thoughts on “Top 25 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Near You”

  1. Tara L Monette

    There’s no such thing as an aggressive dog breed, just stupid owners not knowing how to train their dogs, or they train them for dog fighting. Animals are inherently good from birth and they constantly try to please us stupid humans even if it means giving their own life.

    1. Tell me how you can train an ALREADY aggressive dog picked up off of the street as an adult that is too disruptive for group training due to the close proximity of other dogs as well as unresponsive to private training sessions… then I might believe you.

      1. Julie, if private lessons by a qualified BEHAVIORIST, are not successful, we may have to admit we “can’t save them all”. I have been in that situation and worked for 3 years with a dog I had (as a foster) from about 8 weeks of age! I saw aggressive tendencies right away and worked with a number of professional animal behaviorists and all told me the same thing, “you can’t save them all”. Very hard to accept, but I have learned, it’s true. I really loved that dog and was the only one that could safely be around him. I am not a certified behaviorist but I have trained dogs for 40 years.

    2. Crystal Poeschel

      I Totally Agree And Am With Tara L Monette
      On This Because I Know Alot About Dog’s And The Breeds They Call Agressive When Really They Aren’t At All ! Some Of Them Are Big Babies And Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone And It’s Because They Were Trained Properly !

    3. Hi yes I agree with you. I have a pit bull and a mut dog and they get along great. The behavior of any dog relies on the dog owner not the dog alone.

    4. I agree with you 100% – it breaks my heart when a dog is put down for agressive behavior but yet people can do anything and society tries to find a way to excuse their behavior!

      1. I would much rather spend my time with dogs over people any day of the week. People think they can do anything to break the law and there is no recourse. This world is a disgusting mess and will just get worse. Dogs are for me.

  2. Tara. I agree with you 100%
    I have a friend with a Staffordshire Terrier ( pit bull) that is the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever known. It is ALL in how they are raised.

  3. To the contrary, actually, the Chow Chow does NOT require a lot of physical activity, but, like any animal, it certainly helps make them better adjusted. I have found the key to having a friendly “teddy bear” is socialization early on in puppy-hood, with regular visits to dog parks as soon as vaccinations are complete and regular introduction to strangers (children and adults) as well as family members. Chows need a confident leader, not a wimp for their owners. I say all this as I presently have my 5th and 6th Chow Chows. The only breed for us.

  4. Tara I agree. The problem we have tho is we don’t know how that dog was trained till it’s to late.

  5. Jonathan I Brown

    My MOM had one that used to cary me back to her by my diaper if I strayed,kNOW WAY this is a bad dog.only bad owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree. My grandkids have a pitbull from a puppy and she is protective of them. She is 9 years old gray faced and still protects them!

  7. ricardo Yazzie

    Yep twit owners who have no idea how to walk a dog with the lesh on the inside to eliminate attacking other dogs whose owners walk them with the leash on the outside..FOOLS

  8. Jonathan I Brown

    I have looked through your breeds,many I have never heard of.But I still say this is wrong.People should first be taught about animals as we were as children living in the country.If ou treat an animal as wild it is wild.If you are out going YOU have to train your animal to accept others or there will be a problem.I HAVE RAISED SQUIRRELS to be nice nd never bite or scratch.But they have to SEE you before anything or one else.TREAT animals like animals,TREAT pets like family.It’ s all about learning and don’t throw gas on a fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I totally agree it is the humans. I received my first puppy when I was 3 years old and several
    pups after. All died a natural death. My Father helped me ,He took the time to train me and how to train the puppy to be well-behave animals . With no jerking or yelling at them. I loved each and everyone of my pets ,most of my dogs were rescued , except for my first he was a gift , he aged out at 14 yrs. old . I AM NOW 81 YRS. YOUNG

  10. Aside from their massive sizes, the cautions about all of these dogs can be said about little dogs that, if not properly trained, can behave quite aggressively. A large, muscular dog has the power from great damage not because of its inherent characteristics, but its size combined with improper training.

  11. Dogs are aggressive depends on how they are raised, if they are socialized and if you show them live vs anger

  12. Cathey Eastman

    My Dogo Argentino is the sweetest thing alive. That is how we have raised him!! He might lick you to death, but he is NOT aggressive!!! Humans make dogs bad, that is all there is to it!!!

  13. I’ve had most of these dog breeds and even mixed but I’ve never had any problems with them, it’s just the way you bring them up. I believe that there is no dog as dangerous as the other. I have loved my dogs and continue and will continue to do so.

  14. Avraham Pinsker

    My son brought a pit bull into our house several years ago
    We have never had a dog before
    He is the sweetest animal one could imagine, and is great with kids

  15. John /martha Garland

    over the last 45 years I have raised Dobermans pitbulls chows and German Shepherds all their mixed all offspringsover 40 years and none of mine have ever bitt a person ever you trained the animal correctly and they won’t bite

  16. Ok. I have over 35 years experience working with dogs. I would like to know who and how this list was made. I agree with the other comments as well. Has anyone looked at the common denominators for these breeds. 1. Mostly large dogs so they are considered more dangerous than smaller breeds only because they can cause more damage. I will tell you as someone who worked as a vet tech for many years and gr groomer as well as running kennels and county shelter most of these breeds (the ones i have seen some are extremely rare) i can not remember any aggressive attempts to bite me. And i have had to do some pretty painful things to them in my career in the veterinary field. 2. All of these breeds where bred to do a job that we have taken from them. Give these dogs jobs make them work and most would be fine
    In my career the most aggressive (haha its because of the owners treating them like babies and not dogs and thinking how cute the bad things they do as puppies are. They are not so cute when they draw blood as adults.) Are smaller breeds. Any one who has worked extensively with dogs all know that. Dogs are dogs! They need boundries, discipline and some need stimulation,and or a job along with love. But love always comes last!

  17. Dogs are NOT born Vicious!!! They are taught to be Vicious or react this way from being mistreated and abused. My Doberman was raised by me from 6 weeks old and she is the sweetest dog I could ever ask for. I trust her with a new born Baby. She Loves People and Children.

  18. I totally agree! I just asked a rescue American Put Bull who’s the most loving mush ever!! That need gets such a bad rep but it’s the owner’s abuse and exploitation of these animals that are too blame not the dog!

  19. I agree humans are the bigger part of the issue. One of the biggest issues humans cause problems is by bad breeding practices

  20. aggressive dogs should be quarantined away from anything littler than them. Please keep them away from smaller animals. I have lost too many smaller animals to these predators.

  21. Dogs do have a certain amount of genetic propensities to act in certain ways. This can be greatly modified over as few as 2 generations. On of the best breeds for families is the American Pit Bull Terrier (Pit Bull) as they are the favorite dog type in the world. But, they should be from “non-fighting lines ” for at least three generations on both sides of their parents. Having been closely involved with dogs of all breeds for over 45 years, the only breed in this list that I have any qualms about approaching is the Fila Brasiliero. The people that have them in the United States have them for their athleticism and fierce demeanor toward strangers (except for the rescues that get them when the owners cannot handle them anymore. 3 generations of good training will fix that trait. And I agree with the previous posts. It is the owners that cause the problems, and always has been.

  22. Tara L Monette sorry not exactly true. Some Breeds are genetically aggressive they have wild roots. wolfs are Dogs and they have been domesticated but yet always aggressive. cane corso is a very aggressive dog and vary hard to train i know i have had one i am a dog trainer and iv had several dogs the alaskan malamute is another dog that can be very aggressive definitely not good around small children unless the child lives within the family to a dog that is called the pack.

  23. I’ve had 5 St. Benards- all from a reputable beeder. Of course, it deoends on how they are trained from puppyhood. My dogs were the most gentle and loving dogs. My grandmother would visit who was in her 80’s and walked with crutches, When they came to walk around her, they would be very slow and careful. When we had 2 and they had a large meat bone, I could take it away from them and not a peep. Of course it takes a lot of training from little on. I would come up in back of them while they were eating and pat them on the back. Take away their food for just a second etc. etc. etc. as I knew that kids in the neighborhood would be coming in. I suppose it can be that some breeds have been bred incorrectly or have inbred destructive or nasty behavior behavior.

  24. I had a red Dob for almost 16 years she was so sweet she would stay with the grand children while they slept then come to tell me they were awake they even hung on her so don’t tell me they are dangerous it is the people that train to be Bland where BLAME BELONGS

  25. Jeanne scaffardi

    Boxers are so loving. The only aggressive behavior I’ve witnessed if the dog thinks someone else is being aggressive with a family member and that member is showing fear

  26. Jennifer Dagher

    Actually dogs are not aggressive humans teach them to be aggressive!!! Once again animals suffer because of the ignorance of humans and misinformation. Dogs are naturally good natured, loving and very intelligent. Dogs as with any animal should be treated with love, compassion and respect and you will never have an aggressive dog.

  27. I have owned Dobermans for 30 years. I would never even consider any other breed. All of my Dobermans were afraid of their own shadow. The only dog that ever bit me or my children was a poodle.

  28. I agree with”Tara L. Monette”, there are no aggressive dogs, it’s the owners who train the dogs, not the other way around. Granted dogs can be very vicious, if they sense fear & or viciousness in people, &/or if the dog has not ever had any training. The majority of dogs are very gentle, loving creatures, unless they send danger, fear or viciousness from people around them.

  29. While both of you make a good point I don’t think you are 100% correct. Certain dogs may not be aggressive to people but very aggressive to other animals because of people. Example- your dog can be a 120lb lap dog who wouldn’t ever be aggressive to a human but bring another dog around they don’t know or even a dog that lives w/you (could be a sibling) and if the lap dog thinks for a second that the other dog is trying to get in between the lap and itself,good luck. Some dogs just don’t like other dogs and you can train all you want that will not change. Not saying it never works but most of the time it doesn’t.
    I believe in general you can raise a dog to be very disciplined. I own 3 XL Bullies who all weigh over 125lbs. A male a female and their daughter. The male loves everyone and everything,he thinks he is a star but the mother can’t stand other dogs,the daughter is like the father except she doesn’t like what she doesn’t know. She recently escaped a 6ft fence to be sprayed in the face by a skunk. Overall I think this article is off and some of these breeds were actually breed to fight, that in itself explains why the dog would/could be agressive.

  30. So true please stop blaming the breed. I have raised 7 children with pits. So many people tried to tell me I was in the wrong for having that type of dog around my children. They are a good dog. They are big baby’s along as you give them love and treat them right they will be kind.

  31. I’ve had 14 dogs in my 70 years. From rescue to beautiful pure needs.from Pit bulls to Bullmastifs to Bernese Mt dogs etc etc. They ranged from 112 pounds to 9 pounds The only dog I ever had that bit someone was a miniature long hair doxie!
    You figure it out

  32. These dogs need exercise and a big yard. A fenced in yard helps. My dog’s pen is big. A lot of room for play and toys.

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