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20 Weird and Unusual Animals Around the World

A fisherman in Penghu, Taiwan, recently discovered an unusual, green, jelly-like creature stuck to his fishing rod. The long, slimy thing is believed to be a ribbon worm or nemertea, which usually lives on the sea floor. The planet is full of many weird-looking creatures that, at times, look like alien species. Click through to check out some more unfamiliar beings.

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2 thoughts on “20 Weird and Unusual Animals Around the World”

  1. This was awesome! I love learning about animals and these were all so unique. Noticed you used endangered species for many of these animals. Destruction of habitat was the main reason.
    It is a very disturbing situation to think some of these animals will die out and never be seen on this earth again. Your photographs were just outstanding; give my regards to the people behind the cameras!

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