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Stray Cat Moves Into Church and Humbly Accepts the Worshippers’ Praise

This is Junior — a handsome stray cat who appeared at this parish in Brazil one day a few months back, and decided to never leave.

Clearly, this kitty considers himself to be kind of a big deal.

No one knows for certain where exactly Junior came from, but he’s decided that the São Sebastião Parish, in the town of Atibaia, is now his home. It was a magnanimous move on the kitty’s part.

You see, Junior seems to think that those he graces with his sweet kitty presence should consider themselves nothing short of blessed.

To drive that point home, here’s a photo of Junior having “donated” himself in the church’s collection basket.

If Junior’s sense of self-worth seems a tad inflated, it’s hard to blame him.

All he knows is that, after he showed up to the church, throngs of worshippers began filling the pews there on a regular basis — singing praises and exaltations that must be directed toward him, right?

Graciously, the cat never fails to give his followers what they want.

“He always goes to mass,” the São Sebastião Parish wrote.

During services, Junior is known to roam the aisles or, if he’s feeling particularly benevolent, choose one lucky person’s lap to settle in for a rest.

One day, however, Junior decided to ease back on the modesty a bit — placing himself front and center.

And despite the fact that the priest’s sermon was most certainly about how wonderful Junior is, he was still able to play it cool.

Although Junior may be somewhat mistaken about what “his” followers are actually showing up for, their love for him is more than just lip service.

Junior is cared for by the church’s leader, Osvaldo Boracini, who’s been doting on him since the day he arrived. And while the cat might not be the little deity he imagines himself to be, he has brought a heavenly aura to the church in the kindness his presence inspires.

And even people outside the church have taken notice.

“I am not Catholic, but I congratulate the priest and the [congregation] for their respect and affection toward the kitten!” one commenter wrote online. “I love it! So much to be proud of!”

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