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Why Are Dogs This Loyal To Humans?

No matter if you’ve ever been a dog owner or not, everybody knows that these pets would die for their owners – and sadly it really happened in many cases. But what makes these fascinating animals so loyal to humans? Why aren’t cats or other pets protecting us so enthusiastically as well?


The earliest evidence of humans living alongside dogs as pets dates back to 13,000 years ago. Not until long ago, researchers believed that dogs separated from their ancestors (wolves) when they started getting closer to humans. However, it has been found that dogs were already independent from wolves long before they started living together with our species.


One of the most logical reasons for which dogs are so loyal is their ‘pack spirit.’ Just like wolves, dogs are used to living in packs, which means that everyone protects each other even at the cost of their lives. For some reason, dogs often see their human family as a pack – which is yet another reason for which they are so protective with children. Furthermore, studies have shown that dogs see themselves as our equals, which makes them get attached much faster than they would with other animal species.

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1 thought on “Why Are Dogs This Loyal To Humans?”

  1. Knowledge Transfer

    Dogs don’t betray. They are gifts of unbending loyalty all
    too often the opposite of untrustworthy men.

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