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6 Common Health Problems in Hedgehogs

Photo by Elijus3000 / Shutterstock

People who want to adopt a hedgehog as a pet should know that these mammals are generally insectivores, but they will also eat a lot of different animals and plants when available. As you probably know, hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that love to sleep during the day. Moreover, they can camouflage when threatened and are able to curl up into a small ball to drive away predators.

In fact, they are active animals, so if you are ready to adopt one, try to give them a large cage, as they need a lot of space. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep them only in a cage, because hedgehogs need time even outside their cage to explore and run around. 

Nevertheless, just like other animals, hedgehogs can suffer from several health problems. Many of them can be prevented and combated, but others can be fatal. So, here are some common health issues that can be found in hedgehogs. Read on for more info!

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