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Some species are active during the day while other species are nocturnal. Most crocs prefer to stay in water and can look clumsy on land, coming ashore only to bask on sandbars and river banks or to lay eggs. Yet in the water they are agile swimmers, moving with ease by using their powerful, oar-like tails and strongly webbed hind feet.

Many croc species hibernate or go dormant during colder months or long periods of drought, in burrows dug in the sides of river banks.

Crocs are carnivores and eat whatever they can catch in the water or along the shore. That includes fish, turtles, frogs, birds, pigs, deer, buffalo, and monkeys, depending on the size of the croc.

Crocs don’t chew their food. They either tear off large pieces and swallow them or swallow the prey whole if it’s small enough. The croc has to juggle the food around until it’s in the right position, and then toss its head back so the food slides down its throat.

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