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Trivial as it may sound, recognizing you is a sign of your dog’s affection. Your pup is letting you know you’re not just any other human: you’re his master. In his eyes, you’re one of a kind! Take it as the highest of canine compliments.

A dog that looks you straight in the eye is a dog that loves you. Dogs may not be able to put their affection into words, but they can give you one heck of a stare—a gaze likely filled with the hope that you’ll understand what they’re trying to say.

Choosing to sleep beside you or in your room is a sign your dog trusts you. Your beloved pooch is in a vulnerable position every time he catches some shut‑eye, so sleeping by your side means he feels safe in your presence.

Yawning is said to be a sign of empathy and can often set off a chain reaction. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that empathetic people are more likely to yawn when they see someone else yawning. The same goes for your dog: she’s yawning because she loves you, plain and simple!

A dog that goes wherever you go is a dog that likes you and likes being around you. People tend to behave in the same way: when you like someone, you want to be with that person as much as possible. A clingy dog simply wants to say you’re great company!

Some of the things dogs do to show affection may leave you scratching your head. Leaning against your leg, for example—so heavily you nearly lose your balance—is just a quirky display of fondness. Think of it this way: your dog is saying he knows you’ve got his back.

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