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4. Red Imported Fire Ant

These are are originally from South America and even though they are not deadly, they will cause A LOT of pain!

They invaded the south of the U.S. since the 1930s and there are lots of invasive populations in Taiwan and Australia as well (Australia seems to be the kingdom of all insects and dangerous creatures doesn’t it?).

Scientists have come up with a solution for that, that being releasing Phorid flies into their nest, the flies will eventually decapitate them.

5. European Starling

In the 1890s the American Acclimatization Society released in the Central Park more than 100 starlings and by 1950s they managed to spread in Europe.

The European Starling is a very loud bird and they compete with every native bird, when they don’t ruin crops! Biggest nightmare of all!

6. Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquitos are terrible creatures really! They are maybe the biggest pain the neck of all!

The Asian Tiger mosquito is distinguished thanks to the black and white markings on its body is originally from Asia but spread to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the U.S!!

Besides the fact that it’s an invasive species it can also be quite dangerous! It carries the West Nile virus and the dengue fever to name a few.

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