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6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Scratching All the Time

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Being a dog owner has its many great perks. You have a loyal, cuddly, and ADORABLE companion. But this job also comes with a lot of baggage. And even though they are furry, and barking creatures, they do act a lot like toddlers.

One of the biggest issues every dog owner has to deal with is their consistent scratching. It’s bad for them and annoying to you. There are multiple reasons why your dog is doing that, and it’s treatable.

Let’s see what’s causing your pooch to scratch:

Reasons why your dog is scratching

1. They’re having an allergy attack

When your dog is scratching it can mean that they are allergic to something. They might have had an allergy to their food, environmental triggers, or something else. Your pooch can also develop a rash or have irritated skin.

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