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 Wolves In The Wild: Lifestyle, Protection And Safety

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust founded in 1995 is a non-profit organisation committed to the conservation and welfare of wolves in the wild worldwide. Our aim is to dispel the ancient myths and long held misconceptions about these magnificent animals. Visitors to the Wolf Trust at Beenham, near Reading in Berkshire directly contribute to the financial aid of wolf projects globally. To date we have donated over £250,000 to help wolves in the wild.

The main focus of the Trust is education with our onsite education centre providing a programme of activities for both children and adults, as well as supporting college and university students who have the opportunity to take part in work experience placements and carry out non-invasive studies on the wolves. Our aim is that every visitor to the Trust learns about the wolf, its importance within the ecosystem and how wolves and humans can learn to live alongside each other without conict.

Lupus Italicus
Lupus Italicus

This work could not be achieved without the help of our 10 ambassador wolves. Getting close to wolf changes preconceptions and you can’t get much closer than when you visit the Trust. Our 10 socialised wolves live in four separate groups. Visitors can come every Wednesday throughout the year to see the wolves. Other activities and events that we hold at the Trust include, walking with the wolves, photographic days and workshops, bat evenings, howl nights and our new event wolf discovery day.

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