Which Birds Are Unable to Fly?

The largest and fastest flightless bird is the ostrich, which lives in Africa

There are a surprising number of flightless birds living today, and even more than that have been lost to extinction. Papua New Guinea and Indonesia have cassowaries, with razor sharp claws and distinctive ‘casques’ on their heads, and the Galapagos Islands are home to the only species of cormorant that cannot fly. In Australia there are emus, in South America there are rheas and in Africa there are ostriches, the largest birds on the planet.

The Kakapo parrot

New Zealand is home to more flightless birds than any other country, with 16 living species, including kiwis and a type of flightless parrot called a kakapo. Then, of course, there are the penguins, which are found along coastlines across the Southern Hemisphere.

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