9 Dog Breeds For Lazy People

Photo by otsphoto from shutterstock.com

Owning a dog is great, but sometimes with all the excitement and challenges, it can become pretty overwhelming if we think about it.

The good thing is that just like people, not all dogs are the same, so if you consider adopting a new pup that is just as much a couch potato as you are, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t get it wrong though, they still require physical exercise, play dates, and walks, but your life wouldn’t be as chaotic as it would be with more energetic dogs.

They are still a responsibility, but you will get to enjoy a companion while slacking off in front of the TV. Here are the most adorable canine slouches you can bring into your lovely home:

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1 thought on “9 Dog Breeds For Lazy People”

  1. I shared the love with my friend’s Havanese. I always said that he was smarter than all of us.
    Don’t know how the rest of the Havanese are, but the one I know never fetched a ball; however, he loved being loved!!

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