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They’ve got huge, razor-sharp teeth that never stop growing. They’re fiercely territorial. Beavers build complex underwater lodges with architectural precision. There was the fisherman in Belarus who died when a beaver bit through his femoral artery.

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    1. I’m pretty sure the most deadly animal in the world is the Human Female. Generally the cuter they are the deadlier they are, especially red-heads. 🙂

      1. yeah….I have been beat to a pulp by many of them….I have been the last one to barely make it out of the room!

    2. Donna Elaine Englund

      There are no “INNOCENT” animals, victims, etc. Completely wrong usage heard as often as “BROAD daylight”. As far as I and others see, innocent & guilt have no place in conversation — unless a dolphin intentionally stole a large cookie from you as you sat by the dock. Forget ye not that biologically humans are animals, so we issue a supreme compliment when we mat call someone an “animal.” Animals can be dangerous to us but danger is not morally “bad.”

  1. Humans are the most dangerous animal in the world why do I say this is because humans half to give an account of everything that goes on in their lives they are made in the image of God and his likeness and have to answer to God about the evil deeds

  2. Nadine E Corney

    You haven’t seen scary until you’ve seen the video of an angry hippo chasing a boat! I haven’t looked at them the same way since. Also, swans are notorious for their bad tempers and rotten personalities. Sounds like some people I know.

  3. Humans are the most vicious animals! They are cruel and they torture for fun any other creature that is vulnerable even their own kind when they are children or elder.

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