7 Most Intimidating Dog Breeds

Photo by Luxorpictures from shutterstock.com

We love dogs. They are adorable pets, loyal, and full of love. Just like humans, each dog is different. Some are more prone to cuddling with their owner, some tend to be more energetic and some are just straight-up couch potatoes.

People make the decision to take in a pup for several reasons: for company, love, and some of them are looking for a dog that can offer them both and some added protection. It’s true that we live in a dangerous world and many people decide to adopt a pooch for their household’s and their own safety.

If you are one of those people and you contemplate extending your family, then here are some good choices for you:

But first, did you know there’s a difference between protection dogs and dogs that offer protection? Neither did we…

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