6 Reasons Your Children Should Grow Up with a Large Dog Breed

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Just like any other dog breed, large dog breeds are simply amazing! Unfortunately, many people believe that big dog breeds are not right for kids because they can be dangerous due to their size, but this is just a prejudice. If you want to introduce a new furry friend to your family that contributes to the beautiful growth of your child, you should consider big dogs as well!

In fact, according to animal and medical experts, kids who grow up with a pet have a strong and healthy mental and physical wellbeing. So, if you thought that adding a pet to your family is a bad thing because they shed, smell and poop everywhere, you should think again and weigh the benefits that it offers, and we promise you that there are many benefits of owning a pet.

So, here are some reasons your children should grow up with a large dog breed. Read on for more info!

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1 thought on “6 Reasons Your Children Should Grow Up with a Large Dog Breed”

  1. I had a collie, I called him Laddie, and really should have called him Einstien because he was so
    smart. He understood three languages. When I asked him to pick up the toys, that my daughter
    had thrown out of her playpen and put them back in the playpen, he did. My daughter would throw them out and he would put them back. He was so protective of her, getting between her and the stairs or the stove.
    Collies are known for their gentleness and intelligence.

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