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Black bear

We have to admit that the internet is full of videos of people training bears or taking pictures of them when they go to the mountains and this is one of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make because they are literally risking their lives.

Kelly Ann and Michael Walz of Pennsylvania owned a black bear named Teddy as a pet. Although Teddy is a cute name for a nice bear, it seems that this bear’s behavior wasn’t so friendly because he killed one of his owners. Michael was known for his pet dealer license and kept other exotic pets on their property, such as a tiger, a jaguar, a leopard and a lion, but the black bear killed his wife.

His wife, Ann, was cleaning the bear’s cage when it attacked her. In addition, she helped socialize the bear for nine years, since it was just a cub.

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Did you know that camels can actually kill people? When Pam Weaver, a woman who had previously raised kangaroos, goats, emus and other similar animals, turned 60 in 2007, she received a camel for her birthday present from her husband. However, even if it may sound strange to you and me, in Australia it’s perfectly normal to see them in people’s households.

The camel was just ten months old when it knocked Pam to the ground and straddled her body until it killed her… before this event, the camel did the same with one of the goats in the household. Animal experts say that these animals tend to become aggressive during their mating season, so this is probably why the camel attacked Pam.

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