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How Good Are Iguanas As Pets?

Exotic, unique and they don’t turn your house into a mess? Sounds great! Iguanas are by far the most popular lizards to be taken as pets by curious costumers from all over the world. Aside from their fascinating look, these reptiles also come at a very cheap price in pet stores, which has also made them so popular. But are they really that great to keep as pets?


Long story short, iguanas can be kept as pets, but this job is far more challenging than we imagine. First of all, iguanas get really big once they grow up. Those pretty babies the size of your hand will turn into seven feet long (quite strong) adults, which means that if you live in a small house, there’s literally no room for one. And if you like iguanas because they don’t need training like dogs, think again! Unless they are tamed, adults can get aggressive sometimes; just to get an idea, if an angry iguana hits you with its tail, it can seriously hurt you.


A good side of iguanas is that they can live up to 20 years, so if you get attached by them, they’ll stick around pretty long. Don’t expect the same caring gestures in return, though. Iguanas are definitely not as sensitive as our usual dog or cat – and not that easy to take care of either. Iguanas need custom-built enclosures (which aren’t exactly a bargain), UVB and heat lights and branches and shelves that allow the creature to get closer to the light when it feels the need to.

However, the most significant thing about iguanas is that they carry Salmonella. If you take the right hygiene measures, you’re pretty much safe from that, but do note that pregnant women and children need to be very careful around iguanas because they can get the disease much faster and easier.

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3 thoughts on “How Good Are Iguanas As Pets?”

  1. That first(banner) image is a Chinese Water Dragon, not an Iguana.
    It’s called fact checking people, who’s editing this, a drunken ape?

  2. my Iguana would fit on my hand when bought. he grew very well, he enjoyed laying on top of large t.v. because of the heat. he ran free in the house during the day. i would fill the tub about four inches of water. .i would have newspaper out on the floor to put him on after swim.he would swim around the edge of the tub with his legs and feet close to his side. After the swim/bath, I would take him out of tub and lay him on the paper. he would “do his job” on the paper and was done.. He LOVED dandy lions . He grew from four inches( counting tail) to fortytwo inches .we had to move so I found a lady who had a female Iguana and wanted to breed. It broke my heart but I checked out her house and it was good so I let my baby go to her.

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