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Russian Blue

The Russian blue cat has a beautiful coat and an incredible natural elegance. These cats are known for their loving personality, following their owner everywhere, just like a dog. People who want to adopt this cat breed will have a loyal friend for life.

“[This cat breed] is calm, with a sweet temper, and gives their owner undivided attention. This cat loves to be groomed and shown affection but it is not affected by the owner’s extended absence from the house,” declared Blake Trooy, owner of

As you can see in the photo above, these beautiful cats have beautiful features, namely that their double coat and eyes are simply adorable. But that is not all! The Russian Blue is also extremely intelligent and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Unfortunately, their friendly personality facilitates the work of cat thieves. According to statistics, the Russian Blue is very common on the list of stolen cats. So, if you own one, try to make sure that their environment is safe and monitor their outdoor activities.

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Ragdoll cats are not only absolutely gorgeous, but they are also very smart, especially because they can quickly learn new things, being extremely docile and loving. They can get along with other pets and can be the perfect pet for people who have children. But if you are ready to adopt one, you should know that they are stolen most often because of their beauty. This is the only disadvantage, otherwise this cat has just qualities.

This cat breed was first found in the 1960s in California and was created by crossing a white Persian cat queen and a Birman. They love to follow their owner everywhere, and this can also be a disadvantage because it facilitates the thieves’ work.

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