The Amazing Process Of Snail Mating

Most land snails are hermaphrodites. Following courtship in early summer, a pair of snails inseminate each other through a reproductive...

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An Interesting Insight On Insect Reproduction

Generally speaking, much like humans, the male of the insect species uses his sex organ to deposit sperm into the female’s genital...

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This Unique Invention Can Save Animals From Dying

Warm summer weather means swimming pool season – as well as frog season!

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These Facts About Kangaroos Are Actually Impressive

An adult female kangaroo is capable of pausing her pregnancy, stopping the newborn growth in a suspended animation. This generally happens...

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10 Sea Creatures So Strange You Won’t Believe Are Real

Benthic Ctenophores, or “comb jellies,” are transparent invertebrates that use their cilia to swim throughout the water. They crawl...

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Check Out What The First Farmed Animal Sanctuary Looks Like

Founders Viktorija and Edvardas with their hens and a dog

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10 Surprising Animals On The Verge Of Extinction

Polar bears

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9 Animals That Love Themselves Like Humans


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Over 200 Stunning Smuggled Pangolins Were Tracked Down

Indonesian authorities have seized a haul of hundreds of critically endangered pangolins and scales worth 190,000 US dollars, a navy...

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What To Avoid When Putting Your Pet On A Diet

Stopping all treats – We all likely realize that treats can represent a substantial source of calories if they’re given out too...

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