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9 Restaurant Chains With Secret Dog Menus

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Our dogs mean everything to us and whenever we are having a bite while they’re around it breaks our souls that we can’t share because some of the foods we eat are bad for their health. But don’t worry, there are some restaurant chains that have dog-friendly secret menus

So, what are the big restaurant chains that have decided that our little bundles of joy deserve a seat at the table as well? Let’s see the list and what the secret menus are:

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is offering our fluffy friends a Puppuccino! No, it’s not a coffee drink and you shouldn’t let them near one under any circumstances anyway! It’s simpler than that, it’s just a cup filled with whipped cream.

You can only feed them this if they aren’t lactose intolerant, so, check with your vet first.

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