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9 Naughty Dog Breeds That Will Destroy Your House

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We are all familiar with the feeling of horror when we walk into a room, and we’re greeted with the huge mess created by our dog. It’s like a rite of passage for our puppies to ruin an entire room simply for their pleasure.

However, you should know that not all dog breeds are like that, in fact, some are very calm and don’t have the energy and desire to ruin your home.

Don’t get us wrong we love all of them and we think the best of them, but there are certain breeds that have a destruction tendency, and here’s which ones:

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8 thoughts on “9 Naughty Dog Breeds That Will Destroy Your House”

  1. Jean Ann Spillman

    Your article is right on target. I live on a 3 acre lot. My two year old beagle, Sister, went to the neighbor’s house and stole his cell phone from the picnic table, bringing it to my carport. She also procured a pair of men’s boxers from somewhere (I’m a widow.) . Of course, she has brought me various road kill also. It has been a chore, but after adding chicken wire to my pipe fencing, I think I have her contained. She is very smart and probably figure an escape eventually. She also has been very difficult to housebreak. Since I have another old chiweinee that has never been in a crate, I hate to crate her. BUT she is a very cute and loving dog.

  2. The Maltese that I once owned was very smart. If I would leave him in my car, for what he thought was too long, he would press and beep the horn. He wouldn’t do it long….but if
    my car was the only one on the lot…I knew who (what) was blowing the horn. He definitely was a great lap dog, and loved to be groomed!!

    1. Wish mine loved to be groomed! My little girl is very well behaved except the barking to get her own way and hates to be brushed. She is perfect for the main reason I wanted a dog, although I wasn’t thinking Maltese. When I take hearing aids out at night I don’t hear but she hears everything! She was given to me at 4 years old and most training was done and I can’t imagine life without her! She is now 13.

  3. Yes they drag everything in. I had one many years ago along with a cat. The cat disappeared for about 3 months. Here came the beagle dragging what was left of her in.

  4. I have a Huskimo (Siberian husky and American Eskimo) that is a very naughty breed, she eats the door trim and baseboards, potholder, muzzles, chairs (wood and cloth and stuffing), she actually ate a razor from the bathroom even the blades were chewed up, but they were not swallowed, thank God. She actually eats anything that she can get to. She plays with the cat, but she was with him since she was 4 months old so she doesn’t try to eat him, but they play pretty rough, when he gets tired of playing with her, he just goes some place high so she can’t reach him. They actually love playing together, both of them love it.

  5. I own Yorkshire terriers and if left alone for too long they are very destructive. I tell people I believe they have a little beaver in them. Mine have chewed through the support on my wooden dining chairs, chewed the corners on all my kitchen cabinets, and my wooden doorframes, they have dug holes in my drywall next the back door and torn the weather stripping from the door frame, they love to shred paper and rip apart every stuffed toy or dog bed I’ve ever given them. But they are great companion dogs. And excellent watch dogs. They are very alert and will sound the alarm if they hear anyone touch your door.

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