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The Healing Process of a Rescued Traumatized Dog

When an old lady from Lithuania got sick, the doctors said that she’s no longer able to live alone. Her family was abroad and she spent a half of her life with her pets. When she had to go to the hospital, not having a choice because her condition was increasingly bad, no one could take care of her animals, so they stayed on their own.

The authorities’ help was in vain, and after a few months, the members of a rescue shelter came to check the pets’ condition. Pluto was the one which needed the most help.

“We found the puppy in a horrific condition together with a few other animals, ditched in the abandoned homestead in Radviliškis,” Indrė Žukauskaitė told. “After their owner had to be admitted to the hospital, the poor creatures were left to starve.”

They said that Pluto has dropped a lot in weight because he had nothing to eat and he suffered a lot. “Suffering from Mange, his body was reduced to skin and bones. His eyes were hopeless, filled only with endless pain.”

Also, its suffering constantly increased. “Upon arriving at our shelter, Pluto appeared to have been completely given up,” Žukauskaitė added. “He didn’t want to get up for anything. He wasn’t eating, and was doing his business right under himself.”

Arriving at that shelter, the vets took care of Pluto for 5 hours during the first procedure. He urgently needed a skin cleaning. “Still, he was feeling miserable and his burning skin was being treated a few times each day. The vets said that his condition was ‘dangerous and contagious.’ Eventually, because of the Mange infection, Pluto had to be isolated without the possibility of going out for a walk.”

“The pup had been going through living hell for 3 months. After the quarantine, he had to re-learn how to walk.” But that was only the half of his remaining troubles. “Pluto was afraid of everything and everyone.”

But with a little patience it would all be alright. “It took six months before Pluto gathered the courage to step outside,” Žukauskaitė said. “His first steps were very tough for him. He was so afraid, even the grass under his feet creeped him out.”

“Thanks to the endless patience and love provided by our staff, however, Pluto started socializing. As he introduced himself to his surroundings and the other dogs, Pluto started eating more, too.”

Pluto is on the right track now and he will make many friends in time.

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