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25 Bizarre Animals Gifted with Jaw-Dropping Superpowers

Super powers are not only found in comic books and sci-fi movies. As surprising as it sounds, they can be also observed in real life. However, you have to turn your eyes to the animal kingdom where there are many incredible creatures with extreme abilities compared to us humans.

To show you some of the most amazing things animals can do, we selected these superheroes from the animal kingdom that doesn’t need any kind of introductions!


25. Alpine Ibex

Also known as the steinbock, the Alpine Ibex is a wild mountain goat native to the European Alps. To protect themselves from predators, the goats typically live in very steep and rocky places at altitudes of up to 4,600 m (over 15,000 ft). The gravity-defying Ibexes are often observed wandering across faces of the near-vertical rocks, dam walls, etc.

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