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Why Do Parrots Bob Their Head?

Each of our pets has its unique ways of showing his needs or emotions. Sometimes, they can be really obvious (if your dog barks next to the water can..well, guess what!), but other times guessing what your friend wants is a real challenge. One of these signals is when parrots suddenly start bobbing their head. What on Earth could that mean anyway?!

Take a look at this:

If only it were always this easy to guess what parrots are saying… The thing is that a bird bobbing its head (especially when it comes to smart birds, such as parrots) can have a lot of meanings. One of them, for instance, is hunger!

Newborn parrots have to bob their heads because this is the only way they can swallow their foods. It’s an instinct. Some parrots get stuck with this habit even though they can eat perfectly fine without bobbing their head, so when one does it, it may mean that it’s hungry. This is the same reason why parrots bob their head… for no reason at all. Just like a person can suffer from a twitch, so do parots, except that they bob their head. As we already know, this is also a means of entertainment for our precious birds, particularly when they hear sounds they enjoy.

What does it mean when your parrot is bobbing its head? Well, it’s all a matter of interpretation. Make sure you always notice the place where it stands when it does that, if there’s any music on or it something may be annoying for it. Piece of cake, right?



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