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Don’t forget to clean your house as well

We know that you use some effective flea medications to get rid of these little parasites that make your beloved furry friend suffer, and of course, your veterinarian recommends that you use the right ones, but you should not forget to clean your house as well. 

Yet, in this way, you can eliminate the eggs and pupae too. Moreover, as I said before, eggs and pupae are hiding in your house and they develop in favorable conditions, so clean it properly. For instance, if you vacuum, then clean the vacuum bag as soon as possible. 

“I always tell my clients that killing the fleas on their pets isn’t enough. There are eggs and pupae in the carpet, in between the floor boards, and even in your car, if you have a habit of taking your dog on rides. You also want to wash everything—bedding, clothes, etc.—in hot water,” Morris says.

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