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8 Facts About Fleas and How They Attack Your Pet

Photo by Helen Sushitskaya / Shutterstock

If you are a pet owner you definitely know the suffering your pet goes through when it gets fleas, right? If you wonder why I said that your pet is suffering, then you should know that fleas are indiscriminate parasites and they feed off of animals and humans alike. 

These bloodsucking insects also feed on birds and they need high humidity to grow. Unfortunately for you and your pet, they are able to feed several times during the day and night. Moreover, these parasites can survive for several months without food. According to the World Health Organization, “fleas can be detected in the hair around the neck or on the belly of cats and dogs. Treatment involves applying insecticidal dusts, sprays, dips or shampoos to the fur. Flea collars are effective for 3-5 months, whereas other treatments give only short-term control. Re-treatment may be necessary if reinfestation occurs.”

Apart from the fact that we know that fleas attack animals (and humans) and feed on their blood while also creating infections or skin problems, people know very little about fleas. 

Nevertheless, these little parasites are actually interesting creatures that deserve our attention. However, if you want to eliminate fleas from your pet’s fur or your house, you should take into consideration a few things about them, such as their life cycle, characteristics and lifestyle. So, read on for more info about fleas and how they attack your pet! 

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