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14 Animals With The Highest Human Kill Count

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Animals are adorable, yes. However, most of them, no matter how cute and silly they tend to be, are deadly.

It’s the ones that you wouldn’t even think  they can cause any damage that would likely make the most casualties among humans.

Because we care about your safety we wanted to share with you a list of 14 animals that have the highest number of victims, yearly.

Let’s take a closer look at the animals that have the highest human kill count:


Sharks are not that adorable and innocent creatures, we all know that their casualties number per year is around 10 people.

Well, it’s pretty logical and it doesn’t come as a shock since we are familiar how aggressive they can be and their lack of mercy. They are predators after all.


Wolves just like sharks are highly dangerous and have the nature of a predator. In addition, they share the same number of casualties, which is 10.


Even though lions are incredibly dangerous animals their highest number of victims per year stays at 100.


Elephants, just like lions have a number of 100 victims/yearly.


You may think that hippos would be before lions or elephants in this top, however their kill count of 500 victims/year places them in 10th place.


We know how often encounters between humans and crocodiles occur which is why there is no surprise the number of their killings is 1,000 per year.


We know what you  think: tapeworms make more victims than sharks or lions do? I mean there wasn’t a horror movie named Tapeworms, but these can be very deadly as you can accidentally ingest them. Number of killings a year: 2,000.

Ascaris Roundworm

This one is close to the tapeworm only it can be much more deadly as its killing count is: 2,500/year.

Freshwater Snail

These ones are amongst the deadliest since they carry a poison and you can get from them while swimming. Number of victims: 10,000.

Assassin Bug

Just as deadly as the freshwater snail can be with more than 10,000 victims per year.


You wouldn’t think that dogs just like your beloved puppy would be capable of killing 25,000 people every year.


Well this one comes the least as a shock since we are aware how aggressive they can be. Killing count: 50,000


475,000 killings every year. That’s all we are saying.


Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects in the world causing 1,000,000 deaths every year.

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