The longest recorded lifespan of a gharial is 29 years. It is believed though they may be able to make it up to 100 years old as a result of their large size.

Gharials are carnivorous animals. Most of the adult’s diet consists of fish, frogs and small crustaceans. Young gharials will also eat insects and tadpoles. An opportunistic gharial may also attack a small mammal. When hunting they can catch fish by herding them against the shore and using an underwater jaw clap to stun them. Food is swallowed whole.

Most of their time is spent in the slow moving backwaters of rivers. They will only emerge from the water to nest or bask on the sanbank with a preference for finding a sandbar in the middle of a river.

Gharials mate from December to January. Males will attract a mate by producing a buzzing noise through their “ghara.” They can also hiss and perform underwater jaw slaps.

When a female is attracted to the male he will follow her around and finally she points her head at the sky. Following this they will begin mating which takes place underwater and may last up to 30 minutes.

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