Fascinating and Fun Facts About Grasshoppers
The name Grasshopper describes a number of insects that fall under the scientific "suborder" Caelifera, which is in the order[...]
Interesting Things About African Civet
The African Civet is a type of African Viverridae and exist in sub-Saharan Africa. Nocturnal, they spend their nights hunting[...]
Amazing Things About Mongoose for You
You may be naturally inclined to think that mongooses are rodent but, think again! They actually come from the same[...]
Incredibly Cute Animals You Probably Don’t Know About
With so many species of animals spread throughout the planet, it would be crazy to think you've seen it all.[...]
Crazy and Fun Facts About Earwigs
People often believe the myth that earwigs creep inside the human ear, enter the brain, and damage it. However, it[...]
Amazing Facts About Crickets
They’re insects that invade our homes, but they’re beloved around the world. They’re living thermometers with ears on their knees,[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Pronghorns
They’re colloquially called the “American antelope,” pronghorns aren’t related to antelope at all. The pronghorn is the only surviving member[...]
Amazing Things About Servals
Servals are found in several habitats. They are common on savannas where there is plenty of water. Servals prefer areas[...]
Fascinating Things About Horses
Humans and horses have partnered for thousands of years. Before the advent of the internal combustion engine, equines were the[...]
The Most Terrifying Creatures Found in Deep Ocean by Scientists
Recently, an international team of scientists went on the world's first survey to explore marine biodiversity in the abyssal waters[...]
Amazing and Fun Facts About Cockatoos
There are 21 species of cockatoo in the world. Wild cockatoos are native to Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, the Philippines[...]
That’s Why You Shouldn’t Go to the Zoo Anymore
A photographer took these pictures of animals at a zoo in Berlin. You could see only the animals’ suffering and[...]
This Is One of the Reasons We Love Corgis
One of the reasons we love and choose corgis is that they are such a funny presence. Whoever said that[...]
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