The Story of a Rescued Dog Who Forgot to Live
Early in November, a couple noticed an unfamiliar dog roaming the streets of South Texas neighborhood. Weak, severely malnourished, with[...]
22 Cute Pets Who Are Just As Excited For Christmas As You Are
You may already be spreading Christmas cheer, but once you see how excited these cute puppies are for the most[...]
50 of the Most Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your Pets
This is the season to show our love and gratitude to those we love - and our pets make no[...]
Veggies Your Dog Can Eat Too
Even if you're not keen on eating your vegetables, your dogs will be. Plus, they provide nutrients with minimal calories.[...]
Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog
You know that grapes and raisins are off the menu, but so are onions, garlic, avocado, and anything containing the[...]
Incredible Story of a Woman Rescuing a Dog Stuck on a Mountain
After a group of dogs was abandoned on the side of a mountain in West Virginia, a rescue group went[...]
This Dog Was Abandoned in the Worst Way By His Owner
When Sally Markley and her husband first brought Camo home to live with them, the little Maltese mix was scared[...]
Fruits That Are Actually Good for Your Dog
Many dog owners know that grapes and raisins can make their dog sick, but they don't know which fruits are[...]
Meats Your Dog Can Actually Eat
Your dog may love most kinds of meat—just make sure whatever cut you give your pet doesn't have much fat[...]
Discover the Weird Science Behind Animals’ Feet
Feet don't just carry us from point A to point B - they dictate the style in which we travel.[...]
The Scientific Reason Dogs Tilt Their Heads
There’s a certain humanity in dogs. They always seem to have your best intentions in mind, they always look enthusiastic,[...]
Signs Your Dog Might Be Depressed
Dogs, like humans, can get depressed and show particular symptoms. When a dog is depressed, they might sleep more, eat[...]
14 Incredible Pics of Dogs Wearing ’80s Outfits
Dog Hair High is a fictional high school combining adorable dogs, '80s nostalgia, and Photoshop skills. The photo series features[...]
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