An Underwater Guide to the Life of Eels
Eels mostly inhabit shallow and muddy waters in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America. One common misconception is[...]
Discover the Impressive Life of Gazelles
Gazelles are any of the antelope species that are part of the Gazella genus. They’re known as fast and agile[...]
Interesting Facts About Jackals
Jackals are members of the canine family, just like wolves and dogs. They’re native to southeastern Europe, Asia and Africa.[...]
Fun Facts About Amazing Grouse Birds
Grouse birds belong to the Pheasant family. There are 18 species of grouse and the majority of them are found[...]
Discover the Wonderful Life of Gnus
Gnus, better known as wildebeests, come from the bovidae family, like goats and cattle. Around 1.5 million gnus live in[...]
Fascinating Things About Goosander Ducks
Goosander ducks are large ducks that live in rivers and lakes in forested areas of Europe, northern and central Asia,[...]
You Probably Don’t Know These Weird Facts About Kangaroos
Kangaroos got their name from an aboriginal language known as Guugu Yimithirr. The actual word was “Gangurru” and the aboriginals[...]
Discover the Amazing Life of Blue Jays
Blue jays are songbirds that belong to the Corvidae family. They’re native to the eastern United States forests. They inhabit[...]
Interesting and Fun Things About Kinkajous
Kinkajous are small mammals that belong to the raccoon family. There are 7 subspecies of kinkajou that can be found[...]
Incredible Facts About Caterpillars
The larve's most toxic substance is a protein called thaumetopoein, which is found mostly in the caterpillars' hairs. These insects[...]
Amazing Facts About Violet Sea Snails
The violet sea snail, Janthina janthina, is a pale purple gastropod found all around the world in tropical and subtropical[...]
Fascinating Facts About Koalas
Koalas are marsupial mammals, which means that their young are born immature and that they develop further in the safety[...]
Things About Seagulls That Will Blow Your Mind
Seagulls are grey or white seabirds that often have black markings on their head and wings. There are about 50[...]
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