You Should Know These Things About Catnip
Everyone has a weakness. For me, it’s salted caramel ice cream. For my dog, Lulu, it’s expensive shoes. For most[...]
How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Halloween
Halloween can be overwhelming or downright terrifying for pets. Unfamiliar faces in costume, lots of noise, strangers at the door,[...]
These Signs Prove You Endanger Your Dog Without Realizing it
As a dog parent, you want to make sure you're doing everything right when it comes to the care and[...]
These Are the Funniest Celebrity Pet Moments
Our favorite celebrities may crack us up, but if these celebrity pets are any indication, some four-legged friends may be[...]
These Are the Benefits of Adopting a Pet
When you adopt a pet, a funny thing happens. You don’t become a pet owner. You become a pet parent.[...]
Things About Your Dog You Never Knew
You love your dog. But how well do you really know your dog? He or she’s been keeping some important[...]
Incredible Facts Abut Your Cat
If you ever thought your cat was a sly, complicated creature that seems to be keeping a secret or two[...]
Find Out If Your Pet Is Actually Sad
You might think feelings are a purely human characteristic. You'd be wrong—because your pet has plenty of them, too. As[...]
That’s How You Can Prevent Pet Obesity
Every pet wants to eat more than they actually can. If you give them food non-stop, they continue to eat[...]
The Incredible Lifestyle of Eurasian Water Shrew
The Eurasian Water Shrew (Neomys fodiens), known in Britain as the Water Shrew, has venomous saliva, although it is not[...]
Amazing Facts About Coyotes
The Coyote (Canis latrans) is also known as the Prairie Wolf and is found throughout North and Central America. Coyotes[...]
All You Need to Know About Christmas Beetles
The Christmas beetle belongs to the family Scarabaeidae. It is a name commonly given to the Australian beetle, genus Anoplognathus.[...]
12 Animals That Only Exist in One Place in the World
There are many animal species that aren’t so popular yet, or we don’t know so many things about them. Fauna is[...]
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