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18 Funny GIFs Proving That Some Animals Are Jerks Too

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Check Out These 22 Fascinating Animal Facts

The blood of a lobster is colorless, but when it’s exposed to oxygen, it turns blue.

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Gray Wolf in winter snow

Canis lupus

20 Creepy Animal Facts That Will Haunt Your Mind

1. Hippos kill more people in Africa than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos combined.

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Check Out These 17 Stunning Animal World Records

#1 Longest Ears On a Dog Harbor, an 8-year-old dog from Colorado, entered the Guiness World Record for the Longest Ears on a Living Dog....

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These 23 Animals In Sweaters Will Melt Your Heart Forever

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19 Animal Facts That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

#1. Male koalas have 2 penises and female koalas have 2 vaginas. Imagine how much our population would grow if we started being this way...

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Top 18 Unforgettable Viral Internet Animal Videos

When this puppy passed out from happiness when seeing his owner again after 2 years…

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18 Crazy Animal Facts That Are Both Creepy And Funny

A man once found this thing in the water which we probbaly agree that it’s beyond weird. And yes, it actually does exist! This fish...

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Meet These 10 Crazy Looking Animals From Cuba

Cuban Trogon Priotelus Tempura, or the Cuban Trogan, is the national bird of Cuba – and for good reason!

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25+ Heartwarming Pics Of Animals Showing Their Love

No matter the weather Lovers stay together!

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