Wild Animals


Why Are Some Animals Nocturnal?

Did you know that tarantulas are nocturnal creatures? They, along with animals such as owls, felines, owls, hamsters and wolves belong to...

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Flat-headed Cat

This Is The Least Popular Cat In The World – And It Rocks

From lions and tigers to our small kittens at home, felines are praised and loved by the whole world (and especially the Internet). Of...

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These Must Be The Best Animal Selfies Ever! (25 Pics)

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Are These Viral Cube-Animals Really That Cute? (20 Pics)

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This Is How Some Animals Actually See The World (10 Pics)

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17 Wild Animals You Can Legally Own (But Shouldn’t)

#1. Alligators Why would you want to own an alligator? That, we do not know, but it’s legal! These wild creatures have some of the...

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Meet The 18 Coolest Animals On The Internet

‘Did you just call me an animal?’

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These 18 Strange Animals Prove What Nature Can Do

1. Alligator Snapping Turtle Weird, isn’t it? This is one of the heaviest freshwater turtles worldwide – and one of the most...

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These 15 Mini-horses Are The Cutest Thing In The Universe

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10 Amazing Islands Where You Can Live With Animals

The Rabbit Island, Japan Yep, over 700 wild bunnies are ready to welcome everybody with a warm hug!

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