The Outstanding Lives Of Mysterious Jellyfish

They are some of nature’s most beautiful villains. Silent. Faceless. Roaming the seas in huge gangs. Yet also fragile and hypnotic, often...

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Indian Giant Squirrel: Some Squirrels Are Bigger Than Others

Giant squirrels are primarily found in the moist tropical forests littered across northern India, spending most of their time taking...

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Siberian Chipmunk: Not A Squirrel But Still Part Of The Family

Originating in South Korea, the Siberian chipmunk only found its way into Europe because it was exported as part of the 1960s pet trade....

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The Siberian Flying Squirrel That Jumps Like No Other

Although the Siberian flying squirrel doesn’t fly in the traditional sense, a membrane that extends, between their fore and hind limbs...

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Arctic Ground Squirrel: This Is The Toughest Squirrel Species Ever

Surviving the tugged terrain and hostile weather conditions of the North American Arctic tundra, the Arctic ground squirrel is perhaps the...

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Prevost’s Squirrel: Meet The Squirrel With An Eye-catching Coat

The Prevost’s squirrel has a distinctive coat that gives it the nickname ‘the tricoloured squirrel’. Black on top with a white...

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Eurasian Red Squirrel: A Squirrel Facing An Uncertain Future

In the UK, Ireland and Italy, numbers of Eurasian red squirrels hive diminished dramatically, raising long-term fears for their future....

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Check Out These Animal Facts From The Heart Of Wilderness

Spy on an elusive cougar – Commonly known as s puma or mountain lion, the Argentine cougar is s top predator of central and western...

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Cruise With A Capybara

Otherwise known as water pigs, capybaras have slightly webbed feet, are strong swimmers and feed on water plants and grasses. They can...

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Find A Flamboyance Of Flamingos

Probably one of the most iconic birds on the planet, these magenta-hued birds are a true wonder of the natural world. Flamingos are wading...

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