How Religions Can Influence The Conservation Of Wildlife

The gorgeous yellow-eared parrot of the Colombian Andes had been reduced to just 81 birds by 1999. Nesting only in slow-growing wax palms...

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We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These Animals Before

The Ili Pika This cute and incredibly rare animal is also known as the ’magic rabbit’. Ili Pika was recently photographed for the first...

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Unique Animals Whose Home Is Costa Rica

Don’t miss out on this exclusive reader holiday from chosen operator Heatherlea. Costa Rica is home to some astonishing wildlife and...

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This Must Be The Strangest Fish In The World

Animal, vegetable or mineral? Even once you’ve worked that one out, the fur and walking legs might throw you. Hairy frogfish, like other...

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 This Is How Owls Can Get To Trust You

What does the trust do? We create and conserve roosting, nesting and feeding habitats; provide education; and conduct and support research....

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Meet The Largest Freshwater Fish In Europe

There appears to be no definitive answer. Some scientists bestow the honour on the Wels catfish (a 127kg individual was caught in Italy in...

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How Do Butterflies Defend Themselves While In Chrysalis?

Butterfly chrysalises are naked, vulnerable and apparently defenceless, since they are not hidden inside a tough or camouflaged silken...

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The Mysterious Lifestyle Of Frogs And Other Amphibians

On mild, damp nights in March, toads and frogs emerge from hibernation driven by an urgent desire to pass on their genes to the next...

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The Craziest Animal Species You Can Spot In New Zealand

WEKA Russell Peninsula, North Island A charismatic bird that is attracted to any food items carried by humans.

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How And Which Male Orangutans Develop Cheekpads

No. Only the most dominant male orangutans bear large fleshy cheekpads, or flanges – most look similar to females. Flanged males are...

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