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Unique Owl Species Are Finally Put Out For Display

Witness an array of beautiful owls skimming silently over your head and discover more about the legends and tales told about these ethereal creatures. See our owls display their unique hunting and flying skills as they glide around the Silver Birch Glade, our unique woodland arena with intriguing new features. Plus there will be chance for intrepid members of the audience to assist in highlighting the birds’ flying skills! Sights and sounds will accompany these creatures in flight to take you back into the mystical world so closely associated with these birds.

Blue Tit flying at Silver Birch Glade
Blue Tit flying at Silver Birch Glade

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is an award-winning visitor attraction where you can see some of the most exciting bird of prey flying displays in the world! Explore 22 acres of stunning woodland and a wildflower meadow as you meet our beautiful birds of prey and other animals. As it is a registered charity with the conservation of birds of prey at its heart, a visit to the Trust goes a long way to supporting its conservation work both in the UK and overseas. The Trust has worked in the fields of conservation, education, research and rehabilitation for many years.

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