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Meet The Tiniest (And Cutest) Chameleon Ever Found

Brookesia micra is found on the island of Nosy Hara in Madagascar, and is the smallest species of chameleon.

These minuscule lizards spend most of their day hiding in leaf litter, before emerging to climb into the trees at night to find a safe place for a snooze away from any predators below.

Brookesia micra was discovered in 2012, alongside several other small chameleon species

It’s thought that the reason for Brookesia micros’ tiny stature could be due to a natural phenomenon known as insular dwarfism – a process in which a species gradually reduces in size over generations due to a habitat that’s limited in space. Small islands such as Nosy Hara are a prime example.

Size: 29mm (1.1 in)
Comparison: Size of a 50p coin

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