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18 Animal Myths You Still Believe Are True

MYTH: The female praying mantis always eats the male after mating.
Although it’s true that the female praying mantis does eat her mate, it happens extremely rarely.


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5 thoughts on “18 Animal Myths You Still Believe Are True”

  1. The term ‘Pit Bull’ is most correctly applied to a pure breed( not a mix ) called the American Pit Bull Terrier.
    This purebred dog is registered in at least two registries ( ADBA, UKC) as the American Pit Bull Terrier..
    This same breed is also recognized by the AKC as the American Staffordshire Terrier. Dual and triple-registered examples of this pure breed are in fact well-known and compete officially in obedience, Schutzhund and conformation shows. Technically speaking, THAT is a Pit Bull There are a number of other breeds that were developed as pit dogs such as the Tosa Inu in Japan where legal dog fighting continues today. An ‘umbrella term’ might be applied by the uninformed to various other pit dog breeds. Every American Pit Bull Terrier is a
    pit dog….not every pit dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier. The Pit Bull breed has a long history of being very people-friendly. Reports of ‘danger’ stemming from poorly bred, poorly trained, poorly handled dogs are not an accurate indictment of any breed as a whole.

    1. Greenman, as a lover if ALL animals, thank you for clarifying and to ALL who are afraid of adopting any dog with ‘Pit’ in the breed name, just think about how YOU PERSONALLY plan to raise the dog. Nurture matters more than Nature in this case.

      An ex-neighbor was mauled by a Dalmation! Pretty much any dog can be trained to be aggressive and pretty much any dog can be trained to be friendly.

  2. CDC lists splt-hair-whatever pit breed on top of list of human victims of dog attacks. I am not aware of a list of animals attacks by pit xxxx, but as my pug attacked three times by three different pit xxxx. can attest, the list must be long. The training issue is a sweet touch, but this breed is the favorite of mostly uneducated people who can’t care less about training. On the contrary, the fiercest, the better. There is a reason behind the ban of these breeds on US military bases and in whole countries. As Judge Killian put it, “maybe there are sweet pit xxxx somewhere, but not in this court room”.

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