The would-be hamster rescuer/accidental Norway lemming kidnapper was stunned and embarrassed to learn the truth.

Now realizing what he’d done, Hansen knew straightaway that he had to let the little creature go. So, while Børstad looked on, he returned the Norway lemming back from whence she came.

In the end, Børstad’s run-of-the-mill lost pet story actually turned into one she, nor anyone else involved, is likely to never forget. And though he was mistaken, no one can blame Hansen for trying.

“He did the right thing,” Gøril, the worker who identified the rodent’s true identity, told The Dodo. “He saw an animal he thought needed help.”

But in this case, the truth set her free — and unleashed a few hearty chuckles, Børstad said:

“We all laughed a lot when we figured out what it really was.”


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