Meanwhile, the clock was ticking on Clive’s life at the shelter. Schaffer worried if no one saved him soon, he would be euthanized.

Finally, Schaffer got some good news. Volunteers with Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption saw the video about Clive and wanted to save him. “I was overcome with joy,” Schaffer said.

A couple in Austin, Texas, offered to foster him, and the rescue arranged Clive’s freedom ride from the shelter.

“From the moment we picked him up, this boy was so full of life and had the most loving personality,” Stephanie Broughton, from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, told The Dodo. “We knew he was very special.”

And when Clive first met his foster parents, it was obvious he could not wait to be part of a family. After some love and vet care, Clive is now healing up and looking great.

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